Due to the quantity of requests we receive on a daily basis there might be some requests that get denied strictly on project timeframe or capacity. We do our best to complete things in quality as well as in a timely manner. We aspect requests on first come first serve. Feel free to submit request early to guarantee your project gets complete with quality and excellence.

Please be as detailed as possible.
If you event requires a cost for registration than approval from Sheila Bennett is required. You are responsible for this before we can continue with your project.
All media request forms for classes and small events must be submitted with all information required to complete tasks, including past samples: 60 days (minimum) before the “finished product” is due (lead time), allowing enough time for design, approval, and printing (if required).

Any conference or main event that has a registration/online registration must be turned into John Lockhart at least 90 days before the “finished product” is due. A meeting might need to be scheduled with the Media Department and the ministry leader after the request is turned in. During the meeting a flow chart will be created and the appropriate due dates will be decided.

If the event requires a registration fee, then the request should be discussed and signed by the Finance Department (Sheila Bennett).

If you are requesting a Video then you will be contacted by Bill Richmond once approved to be scheduled. All videos scripts must be submitted with request and will be taped during the hours of 8:00 am - 4:00 pm Monday through Friday unless otherwise approved. Please allow 2 weeks before due date for all video requests. ALL videos must be under 3 minutes once complete.

All other requests require at least 2 weeks before project due date for completion. (announcement, kiosk, web banner, registration and facebook)

All Rhema News Announcements will be active for a maximum of 2 weeks.

All media request: art, graphics, pictures, and samples (if possible) must be emailed to (John Lockhart) at jlockhart@rhemachristiancenter.com by the same date that the request form was submitted. The Media Department will only accept High Resolution Quality images. (PDF’s and JPG’s)

If your request requires a Room for your conference or event then please contact (Vicky Banks) for approval. Please confirm this before submitting media request form.

If your request requires sound support please contact (Roger Henry), and complete audio request form. Please confirm this before submitting media request form.

Please keep in mind that all projects are done IN-HOUSE therefore, please allow time for media department to process the request and order the materials needed to complete the request.

The Media Department will NOT begin any requested project until ALL necessary signatures have been completed.